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The AT&T Mobile Forms Application Programming Interface (API) enables the communication between your applications or software components and AT&T Mobile Forms.

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Here are a few back office systems that our customers successfully integrate with the AT&T Mobile Forms REST API:
Looking to truly integrate AT&T Mobile Forms with your back office system? Need something more than our out-of-the-box data connections? The AT&T Mobile Forms REST API lets you customize to mobilize.

The AT&T Mobile Forms Representational State Transfer (REST) API opens a world of advanced integration options to our customers. It allows you to program an automatic data communication between your back office system and the AT&T Mobile Forms server.

The AT&T Mobile Forms API can:
  • Integrate your business data with your forms (ex. dispatch forms and update data sources)
  • Integrate form data with your business (ex. list and retrieve records in all formats (PDF, DOCX, HTML) and export CSV (Excel) files
  • Administer your account (ex. retrieve a list of users, create/update users, update passwords, delete user accounts)

Use the AT&T Mobile Forms API if:
  • You have data management needs that can't be satisfied manually (ex. dispatch and data sources needs)
  • Your require integration with a system that is not directly supported through out-of-the-box data source/destination features
  • You have data behind a firewall

Ubiquitous in cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Solution) platforms, the REST API is:
  • Operating system and programming language agnostic
  • Uses common Web protocols, conventions and technology
  • Compatible with firewalls, proxies, etc.
  • Able to function with all programming languages
  • Ideal for development and testing with many free tools available (command line tools, browser extensions, etc.)


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